Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is based in the US home of the NSA and 5 Eyes Spy Cartel is a great service except for the USA part. Fast servers, a large number of servers spread most everywhere, certain servers will accept ports 443, 80 or 53 to avoid firewalls that block VPN traffic. Port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxy is available.

They recently upgraded to AES256 for their OpenVPN clients. Windows client is easy to install and setup for special circumstances.

Prices are the best, which leads people to speculate about server speed, but I haven't had any issues with speed except for one time, I changed server and everything was fine. Unlimited bandwidth, with up to 5 devices on one account should be enough for most everyone, especially if you install OpenVPN on a router and VPN the entire household 24/7.

Of course, no logging. The only personal information is an email and depending on how you make your payment or a subscription.

Pay with almost anything - Bitcoin, gift cards, paypal, visa, amazon, okaypay, mint, zcash, cashu, okpay. I don't even know what half of those services are, but it's great you can use them.

They help support EFF, Gnome, Linux Mint and others.

The big issue is they are based in the USA. Their response to that is the example they used when Russia changed their laws requiring services to keep logs, they closed their servers in Russia.

If they are based and Headquartered and people are employed in the US, what if the NSA or the Government forces them to start keep logs, turn over payment information and to keep their mouth shut?

There is no warrant canary and half the time companies are prohibited by the courts from giving any hints there is an investigation happening.

For the price and if you pay in gift card, bitcoin or something anonymous, is it worth the chance? To avoid the mass warrantless surveilence by corporations and governments, probably. If you're already being targeted by a government agency you should reconsider your life choices because you will probably be caught anyway, probably not by a VPN service.

Private Internet Access