Nothing to Hide

The "I have nothing to hide" argument is so lame. If someone says that, ask for their email password. The people of the EU are learning if they have a different opinion from the ruling government and place those opinions on the Internet they are being fined and arrested.
Everyone has Edward Snowden to thank for telling them what they already suspected. The government spies on its people. The massive camera surveillence system in the UK is only watching the outside of your house. They can see what you read and write on the Internet, how much longer before they have cameras inside your house?

Governments Change

Usually not for the better. What's legal today, Christianity, opinions, guns (in the US), could be outlawed in the future. The Internet Remembers. There will always be new ways to spy on people. Anything connected to the Internet has the possiblity of being used by government or bad guys to spy or steal personal information.
Everyone knew their phones were being used watch them, it was another conspiracy theory and a big joke until the Snowden leaks. Now "Smart" TVs and cars connected to the Internet being used to spy and gather information.

Echos are Cute

People are now buying microphones to put in their homes, all they had to put a cute name like "Echo" on it and have it answer stupid questions to be acceptable.
Young people are used to sharing their entire lives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so they can pretend to have "friends" and a self-worth based on "Likes" they forget what privacy is like or why anyone wants it.