How to Use this Site

You're not going to be able to do everything in one day. Somethings may be more difficult and take more time than others. Some things you may not understand at all. If you want any sort of privacy at all, do something, start somewhere.

Our top three best places to start
  1. Email
    • Get away from Google, Yahoo, Outlook and any webservice that scans your emails with the excuse they want to show you the best ads.
  2. VPN
    • Use a VPN service (preferably paid) to encrypt your browsing from your Internet provider and to hide your actual location from websites.
  3. Browser
    • None of the above will matter if your Browser is allowing your information to leak. The more plugins means the more possiblities of a plugin having security issues. There are alternative browsers based on Chrome whose main focus is on building a more secure and private internet experience. A few specific plugins and some fine tuning make Firefox very secure.


If you're still using Microsoft Windows, stop. Linux desktops have become easier and better looking in the last couple of years. Linux should be the number one choice on this list, but it takes some time may not be as easy for everyone.

If most of your computer use is email and web browsing, moving to Linux will be easy. If you think you're stuck in Microsoft Office, you're not. Libre Office is a compatible, full featured substitute.

Almost every program has a Linux replacement Adobe Presenter and any adobe program and Microsoft Visio are the only programs that may keep you stuck in Windows.

There are solutions for that as well - Dual boot and VM Machines are available to still use Windows when needed.