This site was meant to be a good start into making the Internet a safer and more private place for you. From years of experience on the Internet in the security and privacy fields, ultimately, this is our opinion. We will research and find the best information available from as much hands on experience as possible.

In the constantly changing world of security and privacy, information, products and best practices will become old and outdated. Our best effort will be made to keep the information as up to date as possible.

We accept we are not perfect, mistakes will be made and we accept honest criticism, assistance and help.

From the About page at the main Patriots Worldwide website -

Our domain and servers are based in Iceland, the home of the toughest privacy and freedom of speech laws on the Internet. Our goal is to educate and evangelize privacy and freedom worldwide for everyone but especially the patriots, political dissidents, missionaries, whistleblowers and others risking their lives in enemy territory against all odds. Using the tools listed here may help save their lives against tyranny.

PGP is still unbreakable when done right. Everyone should use encrypted email, not only for privacy, but the more encryption is used, the less it will be a red flag for people who truly need it.

Political dissidents, journalists, patriots and missionaries in countries where speaking your mind or sharing a different view or an opposing opinion can get you killed, will be able to use encryption without drawing attention to themselves and their people. Encryption isn't for criminals. Even if you have nothing to hide, use encryption to help those that depend on it to save their lives and blend in with the rest of the Internet traffic.