Unseen email domain and hosted in Iceland, even for a free account, it's horrible.

Their chat service is only between Unseen.is users, the desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux is built more for chat. Their "desktop client" for email, opens a web browser to their web client.

They are still in Beta and have ventured into the VPN services arena which is still in Alpha and yet, they are still offering it to people. I'm not sure what Beta3 means, but Beta still means not really ready.

I have so many issues with this service pretending to be secure. They are using Zimbra as their web client, it looks good and it works as webmail.

At least they use PGP, but they hold the private keys and you have the option to store your private key passphrase with them, which is a bad idea.

They keep logs for two weeks. Seriously? Two weeks is way too long, plus payment information and the encrypted messages will be handed over if required to do so.

In order to ensure the security of your private information, you are free to choose bitcoin or paypal for payment.Unseen Privacy Policy

Since they're in Iceland, it will be extra work for someone or some other government to get a court order etc...

There are other complaints on the web about them, their associations with other websites and their implementation of their security which are easily found, but those reviews are also several years old.

This entire site seems several years old. All of their support and blogs stopped updating about three years ago and their payment references a lifetime membership, which they say isn't valid anymore and several years later, it's still on their payment page.

The only mentions of 2017 is their copyright and the version number is dated, but there's no changelog anywhere and at version 3.+ it's still at Beta?

The integration of encryption in their web client is weak. Their key management is difficult if you have more than a couple of public keys to keep track of.

Their chat, audio and video encryption is their own closed proprietary system.

Seems like they had a good start and great intentions but haven't done anything for awhile for their email and their handling of the private keys and contacts is weak. They advertise OpenPGP.js which is now headed up by Protonmail, I'm undecided if that's good or bad yet.

There are too many other services that are more professional, finished and not in beta that work much better than Unseen.is

After several years this should be more of a mature product, but it's not.