Mailfence support PGP and makes it easy. Once the imports are completed, encryption is automatic. The webmail interface is clean and easy to navigate. Mailfence support secure imap and active sync on mobile devices, imap probably works on mobile.

Encrypted email with PGP, document storage, calendars and contacts. Documemnt storage can edit text files in the browser, but others will need to be downloaded. It's not Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive. There is sharing and groups for paid accounts.

Based in Belgium, free account is pretty limited with no imap and limitations on storage and document sharing but it's enough to try it. "Entry" is eur 2.50 a month payable every six months. There is no month to month option.

Contacts and key management are separate, would be nice to have a contact's public key in the same place, but not a deal breaker. Multiple private keys can be stored, but Mailfence doesn't control the passphrase.

Bitcoin accepted.

If you want a calendar, storage and encrypted email not in the US but still in the 14 eyes cooperative spying ring, it's worth checking out. Unencrypted emails and metadata can be looked at but PGP encrypted emails are safe.