Google Chrome

Between tracking and now they want to allow only good sites and ads (according to them) and Chrome is always calling home for some reason. Between the future censoring and privacy issues -

Do not use Google Chrome

Google Chrome is based on an open source project called Chromium developed by Google. Other projects based on Chromium exist and some have been developed specifically to increase the privacy settings of the Chromium browser out of the box

If you must use Google's Chrome, it's not the end of the world. I don't. There are plenty of alternate versions of Chrome where all of the plugins come from the same Chrome store.

Chrome does come with options to block bad sites and will request permission for certain actions requested by websites.

This How-to-Geek page has some good ideas to make Chrome more private.

Also remember to always disable any browser's password manager. Chrome and other browsers storing all of your credentials is a major security risk.

In Chrome uncheck the box next to Offer to save your web passwords Find a secure password manager to store website passwords. Writing them down and keeping them in a safe place is more secure today than people think. There is a bigger chance of malware stealing the password file than someone breaking into your house or stealing your wallet and taking your password list.