Brave is a new open source project developing a browser with privacy and security from the start. Blocking ads to increase the speed of browsing and defaults in place to block tracking.

Some of the features include

  • A built in Adblocker
  • Integrated HTTPS Everywhere
  • Builtin Password Manager support for Lastpass and others.
  • Customize Shields for ad, cookie and script blocking

It's based on Chromium, but different enough to not be compatible with the Chrome Store so it's reliant on plugins developed specifically for Brave. After builtin ad blocker and builtin password manager support, builtin HTTPS Everywhere, how many more plugins do you need?

There's still active development going on so improvements are always being made. Tabs are below the address bar and bookmark bar and the url in the address bar turns to the website and title.

Available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS.

Brave is at